"It has been just over a week and can honestly say this is a game changer. The first treatment felt like the pain had totally lifted and that first night I was able to finally get a good restful night of sleep for the first time in a long time. Chronic knee pain has not been allowing me to fall asleep fast or stay asleep even if I were dead tired. The achy hip and knee have really quieted down after just a week of treatments and feel like the damaged knee from the acute injury is healing great. I am back to slow running, biking and carrying on with my normal life, rebuilding strength and endurance that I had lost after being off for over a month. At my age of 62 the decline in endurance and strength went fast. Loving the results of this. Thanks Todd!!"

Ohio Triathlete, Knee and Hip Pain. 14 days after starting with Todd


"Todd – hammy has been doing great. I’m just simply amazed. I am almost back to fully participating in the intense activities I was doing pre-injury. You have been a huge part of that journey. This has been so worth the investment."


Mike, Pennsylvania Professional Athlete, Ruptured Hamstring. Completed the program. Still using as maintenance.


"This is the best ever. It has been only 13 days and my pain and swelling is down. I cannot express how great this is. I have had problems with tendons and plantar fasciitis for over 8 months. 5 months of physical therapy provided minimal relief. I finally got relief with this. Thanks Todd."


Chronic Overuse Injury in Northern Wisconsin, 13 Days after starting with Todd


"Todd, I gave your contact information to a friend of mine who is interested. I am singing the praises of your program. I just came back from a long walk and my knee is pretty much pain free."

Deb, Red Granite, WI  23 Days into the program.


"This works. My pain is pretty much gone. Todd, you are my hero."                                                                                       
2 year history of Achilles tendinosis pain in Michigan. 20 days after starting working with Todd.


"Just 30 minutes of treatment gave me relief of my sciatic pain for the first time since the injury occurred 8 weeks ago.  I remain pain free to this day. Highly recommend this approach."

Low Back and Glute Injury, Green Bay, WI

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