Are You FRUSTRATED by Your Knee, Foot, Ankle, Calf, Hamstring, Hip or Back Injury?


S.M.A.R.T. - Structured Muscle Activation Recovery Technique is a unique way to get you back faster by recognizing, analyzing, reacting and treating your injury with a very simple and learnable method. The beauty of the method is that it not only gives you instant results but it will also help teach your body to remain injury free long term.  

The body has an amazing ability to heal but we often get in the way. I promise to provide the tools, guide you and eliminate every obstacle in your way helping you achieve a level of pain free recovery you have never experienced before.

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Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist

Home Training Made Easy

SMART Approach Training is online. Follow Coach Todd's expert advice from anywhere in the world to recover faster and achieve your running goals without neglecting your work or family obligations.

Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist



Are You FRUSTRATED by Plantar Fasciitis,  Knee Pain, Achilles Soreness, Ankle Sprain, Hamstring Issues, Hip or Back Injury, Sciatica or more.....then turn the guesswork into a proven SMART plan. Follow detailed instructions and get back to running quickly.



Don't waste time on experimenting. Coach Todd will be available to answer your questions and provide you with any support that you may need throughout the whole  process of your  SMART recovery.


  • Increased circulation and healing response within minutes of starting the SMART Approach recovery system

  • Reduced pain and swelling within 24 hours with a one on one personalized protocol chosen just for you

  • Tissue PRESERVATION and Tissue REGENERATION are both emphasized so that you PR your recovery. SMART is the only program focusing on both and eliminating obstacles in way of healing leading to a faster and better recovery

  • Back on road stronger and more resilient to avoid re-injury or future injuries

  • One of-a-kind strength exercises you rarely see geared specifically toward "running" and not just general strength

  • Time efficient, minimal equipment needed and done in comfort of your home

  • Teaches you how to recover much faster from your daily runs so you can train harder to PR future runs and races

  • Teaches you to accept your aches and injuries and use this acceptance as a positive force to recover faster

  • BONUS: HOW TO TRAIN SMARTER approach/plan included to help you train better to get faster and stay healthier in all your runs


Heal Your Injury Fast And Safely With SMART And No Ice Or Meds

Reduce Pain Quickly With SMART

PR Your Recovery With SMART Tissue PRESERVATION And Tissue REGENERATION Focus

Keep Running While SMART Manages Your Injury

Prevent Future Injuries With SMART Tissue Resiliency


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