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Todd Charnetski is a running injury specialist with a 30-year proven track record of success working closely with runners, athletes and thousands of injured bodies in the both the fitness and medical community helping them recover and get back to their active lives. 

"I recognize that we are an impatient society. We don’t like change.
As a runner, when you get injured, it is devastating and frustrating. Right? A part of your being is taken away from you. You want your normal life back and fast. I understand and have been there.


Over my 35 years of running, I have worked through many injuries. Why did I get injured? The fact is, I didn’t always train SMART.  I also didn't always recovery and treat SMART. I ran too fast too often, progressed too hard in my training plan, kept running through soreness, did not fuel properly, ran in the wrong shoes, iced too often, did not allow my body to recover after hard work outs or races.….sound familiar? 

There had to be answers. I did a lot of testing including on myself. SMART worked better than I ever could have imagined.  My mission now is to help runners overcome their injuries and become stronger both mentally and physically maximizing running performance. This is why I created a easy to implement program that looks at and treats your injury in a whole different way to jump start rather than delay your recovery. Get ready for results. Welcome to my SMART Approach To FASTER Recovery."

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Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist

Todd Charnetski

Running Injury Specialist


When I was age 5, I was out playing in the yard and ran around the corner of the house where my Uncle was driving a lawn mower. I didn’t see him and ran right into the lawn mower deck. My left foot went into the side opening. All 5 of my toes were cut off. My Dad held my foot in one hand and toes in another until we arrived at the hospital - 65 stitches later my toes were sewn back on.  My foot was saved. Well, this was injury number one of many for me and part of my life challenges. This initial injury changed my life and each injury thereafter molded me to be the person I am today and the approach I teach.  I overcame the most serious injury a runner can overcome (temporary lower limb amputation). Nearly 50 years later I am still running on that malformed foot and am a competitive Master’s runner performing at a high level and INJURY FREE.

By age 10, I was already interested in anatomy and reading muscle and fitness magazines. I was pumping weights by age 11 because I wanted those big muscles in the magazine. I read every article for many years on fitness, nutrition, injuries, lifting, supplements etc. My passion emerged and has never left. 

I went on to college where I knew quickly what my study interests were - Exercise Physiology, Nutritional Science and Human Development.  After graduation, I went on to a successful 13-year career in the fitness industry as a Director Of Health and Fitness and Personal Training Coach.
I had my own radio show, my own supplement line, authored and developed many successful fitness courses, was featured often in local newspapers and was working with athletes and individuals of all levels. I was also running and competing in local races, battling shin splints and other injuries like everyone else and learning a lot in the process on how to come back stronger.

Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist
Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist

After 13 years in the fitness industry, I moved into the orthopedic world working for leading orthopedic companies helping patients heal from their injuries, broken bones, treating pain and helping with recovery and tissue regeneration. While being in the orthopedic industry over 17 years I learned everything there was about healing. I became fascinated and obsessed on how the body heals itself. I could not take in enough information from professionals in orthopedics, sports medicine, podiatry, pain management, athletic training and physical therapy. During these 17 years, I continued to work with runners and athletes while also maximizing my own running performance and continuing to experiment including researching and consulting with famous running coaches across the country to help me get better and groom me into who I am today and the approach I teach.  I have authored various articles on training and recovery. 



NO RUN to 3.ONE Newbie Running Plan

GAIT HALF Marathon Training Plan  



F.I.T. (Fatburning Interval Training) System   

Imagine every article, book and research study I have read along with many thousands of clients I have worked with.
The knowledge I want to share with you is 40 years of REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. I believe there is no better teacher. My knowledge is now available for your benefit. I am excited to partner with you on your journey towards a healthier, stronger relationship between your injury free body and your love of running.

Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist
Todd Charnetski - get back to running online - online running specialist

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